Ryan's recent rock and soul driven ep "How it Works," is the culmination of his hard work and influence over the past few years. Ryan had the opportunity to work with Platinum selling producer Andrew Williams (Five for Fighting, Jessica Simpson, Peter Case) in his Hollywood based studio.

Ryan has had so many influences, and this was very apparent in the varying styles of "How It Works." "I've always had a hard time branding myself, because I like to explore different genres. The most drastic change in my style was the reggae tune "No Lower Ground." "I had the pleasure of working in Slightly Stoopid's studio, and needed to hire some musicians that could interpret the vibe I was trying to portray. Luckily, I was able to get Ivan Garzon (bass player for The Devastators), and John Allen (drummer for The Devastators). They brought a great feel to that song by avoiding accenting the first beat of each measure, like so many other songs do."



How It Works - EP, Ryan Hiller

  "How It Works" EP

    Released 2011



The P.U.R.E. Project, Ryan Hiller  "The P.U.R.E. Project" EP

   Released 2008

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The P.U.R.E. Project

How It Works

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